Tv &Movie Review

Watched the movie The Visit at Dalton’s parents house. OMG.  If you are like me and love movies you dont know what is coming next this is your movie. It just keeps getting stranger and stranger. It is shot like a blair witch project of two kids that visit their grandparents for week. Innocent enough right ? Think again !!! 

Also this week I started & finished the series 13 reasons why on netflix. 

This show is written very well. It focuses on a teen suicide and how it led to that point. Boy did it take me back to junior high. One rumor can have a snowball effect and come crashing down on that teen. I think everyone should watch this show it touches on so many different issues of growing up. Most teens dont think before they act. But they need to see how it affects others. Great plot, acting,message and script!! 

Be kind for everyone you meet is battling something tough

Life lately 

Two words:Busy & Blessed! Today marks 1 month since Ive been going to the gym. 💪💪 I go most days at lunch and do 2 miles on the treadmill. Its been tough and the only difference I can tell so far is I am more confident but just taking it 1 day at a time. Getting faster & faster everytime 

On Sundays we go out to Daltons parents house to eat dinner & watch the Walking dead. After dinner his mom Jody & I went for a walk while D fished at the pond. Here our some pics 

😍 I love this man 😍

Another fun thing we did this past week. I had a 2 hour training in Edmond and Dalton had the day off so he rode with me. Our goal was to go look at rings when we were done. GOAL accomplished 💍💍. 

All of you may not know we got engaged 2/13 literally had my ring for 3 days and it broke. We sent it back and waited for over another month for them to send us a new one. Never happened so Dalton finally got his refund back. We went shopping at the mall in Shawnee and walked passed Kays. The ring I seen on the advertisement on the outside of the store was beautiful and 300.00 off…. So we went in and both loved it. Purchased✔. Came with a lifetime warranty and free cleanings 💖. So in love with it have to pick it up in 2 weeks. Here our some pics : 

Went to the buffet for dinner & he got me a ring out of the vending machine…. Hes a keeper…

Until next time love Kk 

Things are a changing… 

Man how times have changed. Yesterday we went to OKC to a cody jinks concert. I here to tell you Ive been to my fair share of concerts over the years. Things I realized last night and that indeed I was getting old. First its on a Friday after I have been at work all day. <Sidenote: This used to not matter>.  Ummmm but by Friday rolls around these days. Its rent a movie and sweats kind of evening. Give out from the work week just love being home. First sign of old age ! Second. We get to the concert and there are tons of cars in the parking lot. Old Kane would have been excited, but geriatic Kane didnt feel like messing with all those people. Third we make into the concert oh and there are tons of drunks. <sidenote: I dont judge I used to be one > . But dont run into me and spill stuff on my shirt and not say sorry….. Then every single time the tallest man in the building stands right in front of me. EVERY TIME…. I must have a sign that says yes Jolly Green Giant please stand in front of me. Thats exactly why I paid for tickets to SEE the musicians.  Final old realization I told Dalton lets go before it was over. 3 or 4 people had already knocked me down and I wanted to get out of there before the traffic. Yes I know. I have come to the conclusion I am getting old and becoming a homebody. But I did get to see a friend from grade school & meet her husband and friends… 

Well Im signing off happy & at home with my fiancé.  Here our a few pics I took