2017 [part2]

Cont : 

Bachelorette 💟

Me & Syd : married 1 week apart 💓💓

Wedding Shower. 

Work wedding shower. So blessed. 

Syds wedding 

Making it official 

The big day 

Mr & Mrs Hall

First hunting trip

Claire 11/30/17 

Christmas 2017

Such a great year!! Too much to share. 


This time of year is very reflective time for me. Its like a new year feels like a new slate.  Things are learned by reflecting and learning from your past experiences. Some years I was so ready for the next year just so I can “start” over and forget about all the bad from that year. This year was full of firsts for me. For once I would gladly live this year over and over. But that’s not to say that I am not excited about 2018.  So much happened this year I might have to break this up to two blog posts.


Engaged 2/13/17

Alan Jackson 💟

Tom Petty 4/20/17

Our wedding date 💟

Ou Softball Game 

Kk Hawaiian bday party 

4th of July Fun. The Pyles,celebrated with us in Stonewall 

Wedding Shower in Mcalester 💟

Love these peeps 

Summer fun @ the Brogdons 

Garth & Trisha 💟

Won free tickets to Sammy Kershaw 

Cont: on part 2