New Mom Update: Day 165

Hellllo Blog World. Sorry I have been MIA. We welcomed a baby girl on July 27th! Remington Rae Hall has been such a blessing to our little family. Being a first time mom is an adventure in itself. Just wanted to share a few funny/true things I have realized this first 6 months. All of the cliches are true! I instantly loved her when I saw her! But first lets rewind!

1. Contractions : are the devil. The pain is indescribable!

2. I was skeptical about loving someone so much instantly. Its true ! I couldnt get enough of her.

3. Breastfeeding is hard and exhausting. Some are just not meant to do it.

4. Mom Guilt is Real! See #3. My first case but I did finally give myself a break.

5. Post Partum depression is very real. Its the oddest thing . You have this miracle in front of you but you cant stop crying. Thank goodness for good doctors and medicine and a very supportive hubby.

6. I never thought I would be so excited when someone pooped ! I always thought it would make ne gag. Its weird when its your child it doesnt bother you.

7. Burping. You feel like an Olympic gold medalist when you get a good burp after a feeding.

8. Single parents need a daily award. Me and Dalton both have breaking points. We know when the other one needs a break and are there to step in. I couldnt imagine doing it alone.

9. You will act a fool anywhere to get one tiny smile.

10. I love seeing the world through her eyes.

Here are a few pics of our growing girl :

Birth Plan A , B , C , D …..

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Counting down the days to your due date is basically what the third trimester is for. You are Uncomfortable & Miserable by the last couple of weeks with the end in sight.

That’s exactly how it was for me. Our bags were packed and our last dr appt schueduled. It was a regular Tuesday at work. I was busy trying to get stuff in order for when I was going to be on maternity leave. That afternoon around three I started having a bad headache. I stayed and finished out the day.

Got home told my husband I felt really nauseous with a bad headache so I was going to shower and lay down for a bit. Showered and was still pretty nauseous but had never thrown up. My hubby insisted I call out to the OB triage to see what they said to do. I called they looked up my chart got back on the phone and said take 2 tylenol and come out there to get checked.

Rolling my eyes I told my husband Im sure I am fine and dont feel like being out there all night. We leave our bags and stuff at home and make the long 2 mile drive to the hospital. We arrive and 30 minutes later was getting admitted. My blood pressure was 193/103 and on the verge of having a seizure. I was diagnosed with preclampsia. I still don’t think I fully understood how serious it was until we were in our room and the nurse said that I was their top priority that evening.

That night went by pretty quickly. They got my IV in and Dalton ran home to get our bags. It took 3 doses of blood pressure medicine to get my levels down.

Day 2: Wednesday

I figured they would start inducing me and baby girl would be born. Wrong. All day they gave me about 8 doses of sydoteck to thin my cervix to get me ready for the potoson. Didnt see my dr this day just the midwives on call.

Day 3: Thursday

STILL NOT DILATED. The midwife comes in about 10am and says they are going to use a foley bulb. Most painful horrible thing ever. They tried 3 times to insert and because my cervix was so high it wouldnt work. A foley bulb is a long rod that had two baloons they feel with saline once inserted to dialate you manually. Horrible horrible invention. So after that incident we waited and waited until my dr came in that afternoon. He checked me and said I didnt need a foley bulb I was dialated between a 3-4. I was excited finally some good news. He gave me the option right then to have a,c-section or try to labor. My hubby and I talked it over and I decided to try and have her naturally. They got us moved over to the labor and delivery room and started the process.

First they broke my water which didnt hurt at all. Then they started potosin. Holey mother Contractions came quick and were about a minute and a half apart. I have never felt pain like that before. I asked or rather screamed for my epidural. Both anesthesiologists were on emergency cases and couldnt get there right then. So I had to endure the contractions with no relief for 2.5 hours. Screaming and squeezing my hubbys hand. Which didnt leave my side once!! Finally the epidural came. Relief came and they made everyone leave so Dalton and I could rest.

Friday: July 27th

Rest was not on my agenda though. Although the contractions were bearable the pressure was not. I made my night nurse check me like 3 times because I felt like she was falling out. But no. Around 3:30-4 I was dialated to an 8. I thought yes this is the it the home stretch. Then at 6:30 Dr. Mcclain came in checked me and I had went back down to a 5. WTF. I didnt even know that could happen. But yes only in my case because my cervix had swollen.

So C-section it was.

So away we went. On the way to the OR my epidural was wearing off and I was starting to have intense contractions again. They get me on the table to give me ny spinal and right in the middle here comes a damn contraction. Dr. Mcclain held me still and finally all the pain went away.

They lay me down and put the sheet up. And here comes the vomit all in my hair. Glorious. Right then I knew nothing will ever go as planned. Dalton got to come behind the curtain where I was still throwing up. Finally got that calmed down and away they worked. I didnt feel a thing. No pressure no nothing.

Then I heard her cry for the first time and I lost it !! All the pain, all the hours spent in the hospital, the 9 months pregnant, cankles etc. Was worth it. Daddy got to.hold her first and bring her to me.

Introducing Our Blessing Baby :

Remington Rae Hall

7/27/2018 Born @ 8:38 AM

6pds 4oz 19 inches long

Open letter to my daughter…..

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Remington Rae we are so ready to see your beautiful little face. We still don’t know what day you will be here but we are impatiently waiting. So many emotions are running through my mind. I never thought I would be blessed enough to be someone’s mother. You are already so very loved by so many people. Life can be hard and crazy sometimes but I promise you that your daddy and I will be right there with you every step of the way. It is going to be a priveledge and an honor to watch you grow up. I can’t wait to see you with your daddy. He loves you oh so much. He is already so protective of you. I just wanted you to know that you are making our wildest dreams come true baby girl. We love you so much… Now come out and see everyone.

Happy Birthday Kdog

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My ride or die going for 13 years now. So many memories that we share. College classes to weddings to babies and everything in between you have been an amazing friend. I have watched you grow into one of the best mothers I know. You were made to be those sweet babies mom. Thank you for always being there for me for the day to day and also the big moments. I love you friend!! I cant wait to raise our girls together.

Fathers Day 18.

Every year I celebrate father’s day with my mom. Growing up in a single parent household she had to be both the mother and the father. We have our own little traditions. Always a funny card for fathers day & a mushy card for mothers day. And of course other presents.

This year is no different but now I get to add two more dads in the mix to celebrate. How blessed am I.

A new father in law and my husband’s first fathers day.

I lucked out in the inlaw department! My father in law is one of a kind. He is the funniest person I know;) that’s his own quote with a few misplaced words. He does so much for Dalton & I . Hands down the best cook we know. Best pawpaw in the world to our nephews. I can’t wait to see him with Remington Rae. He never asks for anything and would do anything in the world for anyone. He wears many hats husband, dad, pawpaw, chef, mechanic etc… he does them all well… We love you Charlie Hall

Last but not least my hubby. Our whole world is about to change in a month and he is already killing the dad game with flying colors. He has been with me for every step of this pregnany. Every appt by my side. Taking care of me when I was so sick. He is simply the best. Cannot wait too see our daughter have him wrapped around her little fingers….

Nash Tater

As many of you know I had a 4 legged brother for 8 years named Nash. Well his name started out as Nash then went to Nash Tater , Tater, TaTa , Taterface. Well you get the point . Without going into to much detail Nash was taken from us Friday night by two german shephard dogs. Our hearts are completely broken. That minature yorkie meant so much to our family. Some people will think we are crazy because he was just a dog. But Nash was never just a dog to us. He was and will always be a part of our family. I loved him far more than I even like most people. He lived like a king while he was here. My mom, Junie & Anita spoiled him every day of his life. He loved taking walks, snuggling, having his belly rubbed, barking and chasing cows. Always cooled down by sprawling out on his belly. He loved going to grandma junies and always waited at night for my mom to pick him up. He had the absolute most cutest personality. I got married last October and he had fallen in love with my husband. Wouldn’t leave his side or his lap when we visited. His neice will be born in a few weeks. I know he would have loved her and big her biggest protector. We are all going to miss his presence but I’m so happy that we had him for so many years. I have included a few of my favorite pictures of this handsome boy 🙂

1. Nash as a baby

2. Little baby Nash

3. Nash & his momma

4. Striking a pose

5. Nash & Gma Junie

6. Center of Attention w/ Nene

7. Sitting like a person

8. Mr. Photogenic

9. He loved Dalton

10. 😍😍

You will be missed little guy……


So apparently today is husband appreciation day. 🙂 I know Dalton James Hall has only been my husband for 6 months 14 days but I appreciate him as if he has been by my side forever. It’s hard to summarize the appreciation you have for someone that means the absolute world to you . He is the most hardworking, sincere, kind, thoughtful, sweet, passionate person I know. I waited a long time to find a life partner and they weren’t kidding when they said it will be worth the wait. He gets up everday and goes to work to provide a stable life for our family. He comes home and helps me around the house without asking. He goes out of his way to help anyone and everyone. He treats his parents with respect and will do anything in the world for them. He loves my momma like family and will do anything in the world for her. He’s a lot funnier than I am. (Even though I hate to admit it). He loves me day in and day out no matter what. He makes me feel beautiful and loved every single day. He takes such good care of me when I am sick. This year he had flu + morning sickness to deal with and he was such a great nurse and comfort to me. I have to admit though I am most excited about the new role he takes on this year as Daddy to our daughter !! He already takes such good care of his girls :).. Girls take note there are good guys out there and trust when I say it was worth the wait..


By now the whole wide world knows we are having a little girl. We are over the moon and thankful that so far everything is looking perfect! We didn’t care either way just as long as the baby is healthy.

We would like to introduce everyone to Remington Rae Hall, our daughter. Dalton and I picked her name out together. Remington is the make of a firearm. Hence is why Dalton liked it. I liked it because its such a strong name. Her middle name is after a few special people. My mother’s name is Rae. Being an only child and raised by her. She is the strongest most loyal person to her loved ones. I hope her granddaughter gets her strength. My biological grandfathers name was James Ray. Although I never got to meet him my mom has told me all kinds of stories. And we wouldnt be here without him. Last but not least my dear friend from high school Marquita Re’ . She is no longer with us but she was the most fearless free spirit I have ever been around. I hope our daughter has some of her spirit.


OH the joys of pregnancy. The first trimester weeks 1- 13. The first few weeks of course you have no clue and life goes on as usual. Then the excitement with the test and telling your close loved ones. The first month & a half were a breeze. The only symptom I could tell was I was super sleepy and could fall asleep anywhere. Then came the middle of the 2nd month and 3rd month. ROUGH city. I think I threw up every morning for 3 weeks straight. Brushing my teeth became a chore which still is for some reason it makes me nauseous now.

I have realized that baby Hall hates anything pork. First found that out at Christmas dinner when I took a bite into the Christmas ham. Not having any of that. So no breakfast food for me for the next few months. Morning Sickness kicked in full force. Then I got Strep throat and the dreaded flu! My husband is a saint. He took such great care of me! I had to go to the ER 3 times in 10 days.

The great thing about the first trimester is hearing that heartbeat for the first time and seeing that little jellybean on the ultrasound. The future is bright! Now on to the second trimester and seeing what gender our little jellybean is!

First Ultrasound 

Dec 28th… To say I was nervous would be an understatement!! It still didn’t feel real to me. Dont get me wrong I had pregnancy symptoms. Over Christmas was super nauseous and sick for the first time. Before that I felt fine was just a little more tired. My Appt wasn’t until 3:30 that day. My mind raced all day what if this isnt real , what if something is wrong, what if I lose the baby. Anxiety out the wazoo…. Checked in early weighed and I had actually lost 3 pds . Dalton got there. I was 90 to nothing but he ALWAYS calms me down. Me & Dalton right before : 

The midwife came in which is an old friend of mine. She scanned my tummy first. She said there is a baby in there and I can see the heart beating. All my worries went away. Couldnt get a great pic so we had to do the vaginal ultrasound. Then it popped up. OMG you guys I was in love at first site. No idea what any of it was but it was magical. Had tears in my eyes. Dalton grabbed ny hand and it all just became so real. Seen our baby and heard its heartbeat (171bpm) . I didn’t know you can actually see the heart beating on the screen. Found out I wasnt as far along as I had thought. Our new due date is Aug 5th. 

Submitted our scans to the gender experts. They do the ramzi, nub & skull theories. I have to wait till 12 weeks for the nub & skull theory. But the ramzi theory which is where your baby is located in the uterus said : 

Which they are all just THEORIES… We are happy either way..