Transition: Single land to married land. 

Recently engaged and still on cloud 9 ive noticed a shift in my relationship with some of my friends. Its the weirdest thing I have been waiting my entire life for this period of time I am in but yet feel sad at the same time. Ive watched all of my friends date, get married , have babies etc. I was in attendance for every happy event. Now that it is my turn I feel some friends have tried and make me doubt my decisions and seem like an inconvenience. Why cant people just be happy for one another?  Out with the negative.  Just had to get off my chest. I know some people will understand and some people will get offended. If you het offended count yourself one less friend. Thanks 

The Proposal 

2-13-17…. Was a day like any other . I was very excited for our first Valentines  day together. I couldnt wait any longer that evening. I gave him his tackle box full of goodies… He got several pairs of underwear that he liked, new fossil watch and some personal hygiene shaving products.. here is a pic of it all together 

Then I told him that he could wait to give me mine if he wanted too. Laying in bed watching tv i decided to call my mom to.see if her phone was working. She answered and the first thing that she said was , ” Dalton called me today.” I knew right then that he had called and asked for her blessing. Little did she know she ruined the surprise 😑. I get off the phone its pitch black in our room. I ask him if I could please have my vday present now. He fumbles around with something then opens the ring box. Says well will you marry me. I said yes. Mind you its still so dark I cant see anything. He gets out the ring and i flipped the light on lol. Gorgeous ring and even better man making me a forever promise. Here are a few pics from that night 😍😍😍. 

Bachelor update 1/30/17

Many of you watch the Bachelor. As I might admit this season isn’t my favorite I still watch the trashy television show. Last night episode was legit. Corrine VS Taylor.

As much As I didn’t like Corrine at the first she has quickly become one of my favorites.I find it hilarious that she was labeled as the villain when she was the only one that didn’t talk behind anyones back. Taylor is ridiculous and entitled.  Taylor has some bad juju coming to her. On the other hand who is everyone’s favorite????

I love Vanessa & Raven 🙂