Party of 1 single hood 

It is crazy as kid you have your whole life planned out for you. At this age I’m going to do this etc..  But then as life happens sometimes it doesn’t quite work out that way . I have been blessed to have experienced deep true love in my lifetime , though it wasn’t forever I am deeply grateful for the time I had. Never in a million years did I think that I would be unmarried at the age of 32 but I don’t think anyone does.  It’s incredible too see all of your friends find their spouses & start that chapter of their lives. Sometimes it’s difficult but I have realized their is no reason to have yourself a pity party. I have so much love in my life from my family & friends that it makes up for any empty spot in my life . I am truly learning to love myself and not settle for anything less than butterflies ! My friends fill my days with belly laughs and constant support . I feel like a lucky girl to have such amazing friends !!! 

Insta love ❤️❤️

{Day1: Instagram Photos} 

I picked 20 of my favorites 🙂 here they are in no particular order!!! 

Pic1: Reese Waldrop bath time 🙂 

Pic2 : My favorite place in Colorado . A little waterfall we found 

Pic3: Playing at the park with my baby cousins 👭❤️

Pic4: Rare occasion all of us got together & have dinner ❤️ 

Pic 5: St pattys day in philly …

Pic6: London & Avery Brooks ❤️❤️

Pic7: 3 friends on one last dirt road before we all moved 🚙💨👱🏻👭

Pic8: Went along with some friends to welcome their friend home from Afghanistan. Little did I know I would be leaving with a lifelong friend ❤️

Pic9: Savannah & me at Luke’s bday party!!! We should have six packs from all the belly laughs we have !! 

Pic10 & 11: 7/11/15 the day Mr.Kasyn Dale Brooks arrived ❤️ ok I have 2 for that day 🙂 

Pic 12: Savvy & Lukes wedding .. 

Pic 13: Snookie & a Scarecrow walk into a party …. Halloween 👭

Pic14: Nap time with KDB

Pic 15: Thanksgiving in Louisanna 

Pic 16: Random photo of Kristins & myself converse. Love the natural light . 

Pic 17: Reconnected with a friend that God knew I needed back in my life . Started back like we never lost touch . Very thankful . 

Pic 18: Kasyn Dale coming to stay the night 🙂 

Pic 19: Such a fun night with awesome friends 

Pic 20: Fourth of July ATX willie Nelsons  picnic