Tv &Movie Review

Watched the movie The Visit at Dalton’s parents house. OMG.  If you are like me and love movies you dont know what is coming next this is your movie. It just keeps getting stranger and stranger. It is shot like a blair witch project of two kids that visit their grandparents for week. Innocent enough right ? Think again !!! 

Also this week I started & finished the series 13 reasons why on netflix. 

This show is written very well. It focuses on a teen suicide and how it led to that point. Boy did it take me back to junior high. One rumor can have a snowball effect and come crashing down on that teen. I think everyone should watch this show it touches on so many different issues of growing up. Most teens dont think before they act. But they need to see how it affects others. Great plot, acting,message and script!! 

Be kind for everyone you meet is battling something tough