Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone! I love to dress up & love this holiday. This year we arent doing anything but thought it would be fun to post some old pictures of costumes.. ENJOY!!

Cowboy Day ❤ Back in HS

Little Red Riding Hood ❤

Hippy ✌🏼

Atlanta Braves Baseball Player

Wynona Judd 

Puss & Boots 


Saloon Girl 

80’s party 

Week of dressing up at the old job!

Me & Babyfaced Hubby ❤




Wanted to set a few goals for the month of November to see if I can achieve them.

  1. Clean & Organize the Extra Bedroom. ( Whose has one of these? The catch all of the extra crap we don’t need).
  2. Have at least 3 date nights with the hubby. (Which may not sound like a lot to some but you know it is hunting season lol)
  3. Christmas Shopping and Wrapping all finished. ( I hate fighting the crowds around the holidays for gift shopping).
  4. Take Christmas Card Photo and Get Cards Mailed.
  5. Plan a girls night with my favorite girls.
  6. Cook something for Thanksgiving. First Holiday Season as a wife I need to step up my game.    What are some goals that you are planning to achieve?

True Crime Addicts 

Raise your hand if you love a good true crime show or documentary! Both of my hands are raised! I have a couple of reviews for you true crime lovers and something for you to check out.  Two Words: Oxygen Channel! The disappearance of Natalie Holloway has haunted me and I have followed it since It happened. She disappeared the day before my birthday 12 years ago. Only 18 years old on her senior trip its just unthinkable.

 The Disappearance of Natalie Holloway on the Oxygen Channel. This documentary has 6 episodes that are riveting! It follows her dad and private investigators on tracking down what they thought was a credible lead. Gabriel the undercover informant is trying to get John <joran’s friend> to confess and lead them to Natalie’s remains. Its a rollercoaster of a story which will make you end up wanting more. 

The Disappearance of Maura Murray

I just finished this 6 episode series. I had never heard the name Maura Murray before I watched this series. I love tv or movies that you can’t predict the outcome aka thrillers. This series had so many twists and turns that it left me dying for the next episode to come out. Its unthinkable that a person can just disappear with no trace. This series is a must watch… You will want to binge it because you want answers.. 

I also have another favorite on the Oxygen Channel. Its an ongoing show.

They take cold cases and try to solve them. Cant get enough!! 

Let me know what to watch next!!


Little did I know when I moved to Eufaula I would gain a whole extra amazing church family. Right in the middle of that family was Jonathan Wayne Duke aka John Wayne. We were thick as theives growing up. A few summers his sister Shasti babysat me and we always had too much fun.  From Church Activities to Summer Fun we were like brother and sister. Being an only child I loved every minute of it.  We built clubhouses, forts, rode our bikes everywhere, played 4 square for hours and had way to many farting contests ( he always won those). Fast forward a few years and I knew when I finally decided to get married that he had to be there. I am so blessed him, Lacie, Janice & Keith all got to come. I even got to meet his little girl Charlie. What a little blessing.


DSC_0251 (1)

A little over a week after the wedding I read a post that John Wayne’s wife Anna had wrote.

My heart sank so bad when I read that. But John Wayne is one of the best men I have ever met and his faith and his strength will get him through this. I have prayed daily for you brother. I love you so very much and know that you will get through this! I so wish I could find some really old pictures of us, I will work on that 🙂 Love you bub Hope you feel better soon…




I went back and forth on if I wanted to do first look photos on the wedding day. I decided since our wedding was right at sunset that we needed to take some before.  As I hurriedly finished getting dressed with several people around me, ” Someone said ITs time he’s waiting for you outside. ” Don’t get me wrong Mr. Hall gives me butterflies all the time but this time It was different. I walk out the back door of the cabin with the DJ playing some generic wedding music with no words. I instantly start crying. I have dreamed, waited for this day my whole life.  There was a lot going on but everything just went quiet In my head and it was just Dalton and I by the pond. I walked up behind him. Pinched his butt and grabbed his hand. We exchanged our letters and read them back to back. His letter was the sweetest most thoughtful thing I have ever read. Then we turned around and I seen my future right there in front of me. All that I ever wanted. Here our some of my favorites from our first look. ( A BIG THANK YOU TO SYDNEE AND MAL FOR CAPTURING THIS FOR US).





DSC_0076 (1)


DSC_0097 - Copy



OH HAPPY DAY. 10-7-17 {Part 1}

It took a couple of weeks to write this blog but I wanted to share our special day with everyone. As a little girl you dream of your wedding day. I never knew what kind of stress or time it meant to plan a wedding but after the end result I am so happy we done it. That day we woke up to wonderful weather! The forecast all week had predicted rain. We went and visited Daltons family before we headed to the cabin to finish up the décor at the cabin. Just driving dirt roads that morning with the windows down with my soon to be husband was amazing.  I will always remember just looking over at him smiling at how excited I was.

The morning of ❤

Gorgeous drive to the cabin

Get to the cabin still had tons to do :(. My MOH bestie got there that morning and helped with getting the décor just right .  Then the girls headed to take showers and go to the hair salon. Of course we had mimosas while we were getting ready. Its been a long time since Me and Sav got to just hang out by ourselves. I cherished that on such a special day. I am very blessed with a dear dear friend. Then we listened to old school rap and drove back out to the cabin.


Got back to the cabin then began the chaos.  We did pictures before. Going to write a separate post for our first look photos. The ceremony went off without a hitch. My friend Steve Brogdon performed our ceremony for us. He did such a wonderful job.  It was very special to hear his speech he prepared because he is such a good friend with such a big heart. Our wedding party included:

Daltons Best Man: Ryan Adkins Groomsmen : Josh Summers.


My Maid of Honor : Savannah Pyle

Flower Girls: Reese Waldrop & Addleigh Pickett
Ring Bearers: Logan Bonzo & Gabriel Bonzo

Friends and Family that some I haven’t seen in years came to celebrate with us. We are so very blessed to start this amazing journey with so many wonderful people around us.

Thank you for reading … Stay tuned for more wedding pictures 🙂


Tomorrow is the big day!! So many emotions that I am experiencing.. Life is a rollercoaster… Highs & Lows… Dips & Turns…. Years after years I watched all my friends find their husbands have their babies and start their beautiful lives. There for a few years I had accepted singlehood and was living a full life surrounded by amazing people. I dreamed of a happily ever after. Ive experienced heartbreak and pain that I never thought I could live through. Friend after friend saying ,”dont worry Kane it will happen.”  As I sit here writing this even though Im stressed I have never been more in love in my life. All those cliches are true. I have never had someone love me like Dalton does: The good, the bad and the ugly. He has my back 100%. He makes me laugh every single day. So very thankful that we get to vow tomorrow in front of all our friends & family to love each other forever. Its the easiest decision I have ever made. So I just wanted to say thank you to all the people that are making our wedding possible. This girl is finally getting her happily ever after…