Austin Trip DAY 1 

Woke up got ready and met the Pyle’s in Davis … Luke took over the driving 🙂  

I took full advantage and Got comfy in the backseat !!!! First stop was BEER heaven in Dallas . For those of you who don’t know Luke , he has a beer wall and he is almost to 2,000!!! He was like a kid in a candy store !!

I missed his excited face but u get the point !!! 

Here was the total damage : 

.. Next stop some random place dear old Sav had found !! Magnolias !!! I didn’t get any pics here because I was being ran over by 50 people .. Next stop food !!! ( I am currently in a diet and trying to be good. Also I have celiac so can’t have gluten ) well apparently that went out the window !!! Thank god for stomach pills 🙂 !!! I had my first In & Out Burger !!! Very yummy !!! 



 Me & Sav being goofballs 

Next stop hotel & hotel pool 


 Had to do SLO-MO

Then we got ready and went down to Congress Ave & 6th street !! 

We ate at a taco place the wait was forever but it was very good once we ate. I didn’t get any food pics I leave that up to sav lol… 

We also checked out uncommon goods !!! Savvy ‘s find … Here out some pics from there 






6th street 


  Day 2 : concert !!!! Coming soon 🙂 thanks for reading 🙂  


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