The Friday Five [dec 1st]

1. Wedding Rings 💜

2. Sunrise in the deer blind

3. Thanksgiving Feast

4. Blue Sky 

5. Oklahoma Sunset 


First time for everything

Those of you who know me know I love country boys. Exactly why I married one! You would think by now that I would have been hunting. I must admit I did go “snip” hunting when I was around 15. Hmmm maybe thats why I havent been back. Lol. So Dalton(hubby) asks me what I want to do Sunday for our last day before Deer Season <rifle season> begins…. Hmm let me think. Lets go hunting.  Ok so most of you must be thinking dang Kane really wants to hunt. Wrong…. I wanted to take pictures & be outside it was a gorgeous day. But It was also a plus getting to see my hubby do something he loves. So lets see first things first you have to shower with no scent shampoo/bodywash. Notice anything missing Conditioner? Lord my hair was a nightmare. I finally got the brush through it and just braided it to calm down the frizz.  Dalton has,since bought me shampoo & conditioner maybe I complained a little too much. Then on to scent free deodorant & no makeup. Thank god the deers arent judging me lol. My outfit consisted of mens pants from walmart & camo shirt. Not flattering . Thank goodness he already put a ring on it. Then head out to get the gear. I never knew how much stuff you need. Hunting is not cheap. Get to the woods and walk to his spot. He sets up a blind for me and sets me up with snacks & a chair. Let me tell you I was in heaven. Just hanging out snacking & chilling UNTIL…. My chair fell backwards and I couldnt catch myself. Fell onto the blind & Dalton had to come get me up. He pulled the chair out from underneath me then I rolled over into a bunch of thorns in my ass. OMG I knew,I had aged I felt like I needed A life alert necklace!! Once back upright we went back to being quiet & looking for deers. Then a doe in heat came along. A buck was right behind her. It was so pretty.  Dalton get a shot because he didnt want to spook it and couldnt get his bow up quick enough. Needless to say my heart was full and my ass was bruised. But I loved every bit of it. ❤❤❤

My little deer blind cacoon 

The Hubby & I ❤❤

View from the blind 

Allie Grace ❤

Happy 15th Birthday Allie G… In my eyes you will always be that little 5 year old girl that I first met. That loved spending the night with Sav and I. That asked for a toothbrush dispenser you seen on an infomercial for your birthday. That would walk around in our heels dancing to beyonce single ladies. Im so proud of the young lady that you are becoming. Love you so much sis … 

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone! I love to dress up & love this holiday. This year we arent doing anything but thought it would be fun to post some old pictures of costumes.. ENJOY!!

Cowboy Day ❤ Back in HS

Little Red Riding Hood ❤

Hippy ✌🏼

Atlanta Braves Baseball Player

Wynona Judd 

Puss & Boots 


Saloon Girl 

80’s party 

Week of dressing up at the old job!

Me & Babyfaced Hubby ❤



Wanted to set a few goals for the month of November to see if I can achieve them.

  1. Clean & Organize the Extra Bedroom. ( Whose has one of these? The catch all of the extra crap we don’t need).
  2. Have at least 3 date nights with the hubby. (Which may not sound like a lot to some but you know it is hunting season lol)
  3. Christmas Shopping and Wrapping all finished. ( I hate fighting the crowds around the holidays for gift shopping).
  4. Take Christmas Card Photo and Get Cards Mailed.
  5. Plan a girls night with my favorite girls.
  6. Cook something for Thanksgiving. First Holiday Season as a wife I need to step up my game.    What are some goals that you are planning to achieve?

True Crime Addicts 

Raise your hand if you love a good true crime show or documentary! Both of my hands are raised! I have a couple of reviews for you true crime lovers and something for you to check out.  Two Words: Oxygen Channel! The disappearance of Natalie Holloway has haunted me and I have followed it since It happened. She disappeared the day before my birthday 12 years ago. Only 18 years old on her senior trip its just unthinkable.

 The Disappearance of Natalie Holloway on the Oxygen Channel. This documentary has 6 episodes that are riveting! It follows her dad and private investigators on tracking down what they thought was a credible lead. Gabriel the undercover informant is trying to get John <joran’s friend> to confess and lead them to Natalie’s remains. Its a rollercoaster of a story which will make you end up wanting more. 

The Disappearance of Maura Murray

I just finished this 6 episode series. I had never heard the name Maura Murray before I watched this series. I love tv or movies that you can’t predict the outcome aka thrillers. This series had so many twists and turns that it left me dying for the next episode to come out. Its unthinkable that a person can just disappear with no trace. This series is a must watch… You will want to binge it because you want answers.. 

I also have another favorite on the Oxygen Channel. Its an ongoing show.

They take cold cases and try to solve them. Cant get enough!! 

Let me know what to watch next!!


Little did I know when I moved to Eufaula I would gain a whole extra amazing church family. Right in the middle of that family was Jonathan Wayne Duke aka John Wayne. We were thick as theives growing up. A few summers his sister Shasti babysat me and we always had too much fun.  From Church Activities to Summer Fun we were like brother and sister. Being an only child I loved every minute of it.  We built clubhouses, forts, rode our bikes everywhere, played 4 square for hours and had way to many farting contests ( he always won those). Fast forward a few years and I knew when I finally decided to get married that he had to be there. I am so blessed him, Lacie, Janice & Keith all got to come. I even got to meet his little girl Charlie. What a little blessing.


DSC_0251 (1)

A little over a week after the wedding I read a post that John Wayne’s wife Anna had wrote.

My heart sank so bad when I read that. But John Wayne is one of the best men I have ever met and his faith and his strength will get him through this. I have prayed daily for you brother. I love you so very much and know that you will get through this! I so wish I could find some really old pictures of us, I will work on that 🙂 Love you bub Hope you feel better soon…