Blessing not a Curse

I have always loved celebrating birthdays. Everyone always says Oh , it’s just another year! Don’t remind me !! To me it’s a blessing to see another year. Today is my mothers birthday & I couldn’t even imagine what one less year would do to me. I hope I get a 50 more years with my best friend. She taught me compassion & to laugh to keep from crying. Shes the best person I know. I love you momma & I’m so glad it’s our mine & Nash taters ❤️❤️❤️ 



MCM 2/15/16

Today we are going to go over the importance of your online dating profile picture background !!! Here are a few that I found recently ……………………………………………………….,,…………….,.,,,,,,,:,,::;:::

I love the way he used editing to spruce up his picture ! It really brings a gangster effect to the image. Nothing says gangster like nerd life tattoos . #cringeworthy   
2. I really think the neon green filter goes well with his personality. I do love the mismatch patch on the wall behind him. #indecisive 

3. I love the wall dressings . Very rustic & unfinished . I love the picture album hanging from the bed . Very snazzy why didn’t I think of that !! #rustyrustic

4 #1 your peace sign is weak . #2 Ariel hat at the dollar store pedophile #wannabe 

5. Yes I saved the best for last !! This guy knows how to draw the ladies in. You are welcome 



Every Monday I am going to sign on to my dreaded Online dating profile that I keep deleting & downloading again. I will share 5 pictures & I will name 3 things I can tell by the picture !!! MCM round #1 

1.  Mr. overcompensation 


  • He likes wrestling. 
  • He calls his little guy Hulk 
  • He works maybe at Walmart 

2.  Mr. Flashy 


  • Loves going to Japenese Brothels 
  • Has a nickname regarding gold chains
  • Loves the music & Chapstick

3.  Mr.Organic 


  • Loves the smell of seaweed and longs walks to the hair salon. 
  • Gets asked all the time if he likes females or males. 
  • Hates to smile but loves fish. 

4. Grrr Grizzle Bear 


  • His hero is Fred flintstone 
  • He grew this beard overnight. 
  • He’s trying not to act like he is taking a selfie 

5. 33 no way  

  • Wins at everything life & loves Barbie dolls. 
  • That computer in the background is still on dial up. 
  • Fly guy but lives with a hoarder . 

All in good fun ! Some people can find love online I am not one of those people !!! Until next Monday 

Letter to My 18yr old self. 

Kane ,

Take a deep breath & enjoy the ride.  College is going to be a blast but make sure you major in something with a promising future. Don’t let Sallie Mae suck you in !! Also stop eating so much gluten you are allergic .  Hold on to one of those good boys nothing better is out there.  Hug your momma & tell her thank you for all she does.  Also Cellphones with unlimited minutes are right around the corner ! This thing called Facebook is right around the corner , thank goodness they didn’t have it then! Spend times with positive good friends & cut all the negativity out of your life. Life is short so live each day to the fullest!! You are not fat !! Enjoy that and know that you are beautiful !!! ✌️❤️