Pet my Peeves: 

Warning I have already taken my ambien for the evening and just feel like shooting it straight lol. I used to not have so many pet peeves but the older I get the more people drive me nuts. Ill just do 4 top ones for this evening before I go comatose. 

1. Facebook status posting about how sick you are……. WTF if you were that sick you wouldnt be on your phone. Your head or ass would be in a toilet somewhere. Sorry sister no sympathy from me. ✔ unfollow 

2. LOUD people in quiet places. Get your damn ears checked noome wants to hear your entire lunch order from across the room.  Put the megaphone down & step away. 🚫Block 

3.  People of walmart be damned. Its like a circus in there. The last time I went two teenage boys was racing on the motorized scooters. A couple was throwing a softball up and down the aisle. Then comes around the corner food stamp queen with 6 kids dirty and rolling all over the floor. REALLY cant I just get some necessities & get out. ☠☢☡

4. Rude Customer Service People. Um excuse,me I didnt pick your job and I dont need your attitude. Im sorry you have to deal with the public they suck I know. But I am always kind and respectful and expect the same…. 

And so I leave you with this: You have to laugh to keep from crying…. 

Walk a mile in my shoes… 

What autoimmune disorder means to me . The first word that comes to mind is pain. The most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt . Imagine every food you consume attacks your body . The only thing that stops the pain is sleep . 

The second thought is no cure . Never ending . No answers. Lifelong.  Countless surgeries , countess medicines , countless appointments . Hearing let’s try this for a while . 

Next is the judgement .  I am blessed with friends an family that understand my illness .  But I know that some people that I encounter judge and do not understand .  Canceled plans become more normal than one would like.  I’m grateful for understanding friends and a considerate boyfriend .  

Be kind for you do not know the battle that person is fighting .