Fathers Day 18.

Every year I celebrate father’s day with my mom. Growing up in a single parent household she had to be both the mother and the father. We have our own little traditions. Always a funny card for fathers day & a mushy card for mothers day. And of course other presents.

This year is no different but now I get to add two more dads in the mix to celebrate. How blessed am I.

A new father in law and my husband’s first fathers day.

I lucked out in the inlaw department! My father in law is one of a kind. He is the funniest person I know;) that’s his own quote with a few misplaced words. He does so much for Dalton & I . Hands down the best cook we know. Best pawpaw in the world to our nephews. I can’t wait to see him with Remington Rae. He never asks for anything and would do anything in the world for anyone. He wears many hats husband, dad, pawpaw, chef, mechanic etc… he does them all well… We love you Charlie Hall

Last but not least my hubby. Our whole world is about to change in a month and he is already killing the dad game with flying colors. He has been with me for every step of this pregnany. Every appt by my side. Taking care of me when I was so sick. He is simply the best. Cannot wait too see our daughter have him wrapped around her little fingers….

Nash Tater

As many of you know I had a 4 legged brother for 8 years named Nash. Well his name started out as Nash then went to Nash Tater , Tater, TaTa , Taterface. Well you get the point . Without going into to much detail Nash was taken from us Friday night by two german shephard dogs. Our hearts are completely broken. That minature yorkie meant so much to our family. Some people will think we are crazy because he was just a dog. But Nash was never just a dog to us. He was and will always be a part of our family. I loved him far more than I even like most people. He lived like a king while he was here. My mom, Junie & Anita spoiled him every day of his life. He loved taking walks, snuggling, having his belly rubbed, barking and chasing cows. Always cooled down by sprawling out on his belly. He loved going to grandma junies and always waited at night for my mom to pick him up. He had the absolute most cutest personality. I got married last October and he had fallen in love with my husband. Wouldn’t leave his side or his lap when we visited. His neice will be born in a few weeks. I know he would have loved her and big her biggest protector. We are all going to miss his presence but I’m so happy that we had him for so many years. I have included a few of my favorite pictures of this handsome boy 🙂

1. Nash as a baby

2. Little baby Nash

3. Nash & his momma

4. Striking a pose

5. Nash & Gma Junie

6. Center of Attention w/ Nene

7. Sitting like a person

8. Mr. Photogenic

9. He loved Dalton

10. 😍😍

You will be missed little guy……