They say its your birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday to one of my very dear friends!!!! Kay Ellen DeGeneres Landes!! You amaze me with your kindness and love for others. Im so blessed to call you a friend. Thank you for making me laugh so hard I cry. LOVE YOU!!!! From drag queens and road trips we sure know how to have fun. Here our a few of my favorite pics 🙂

iphone pics 358

iphone pics 397

iphone pics 390

iphone pics 1240



For as long as I can remember I wanted to go to Elvis’s home in Memphis Tennessee. My friends made my dream come true. It was hotter than Heck that day but it was awesome. It was very high tech we got our own ipads with headphones that told us neat facts when we into each room. Here our a few pictures I have from Mr. Presley’s home …

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Memphis Day :)

So blessed to have went to Tennessee with two great friends. We left on Sunday around 11 am. Here are the first DAY of the trip through pictures 🙂

iphone pics 775

My very good friend Kay and her daughter Camille. The 3 flamingos start our adventure…Love these two…. First Stop Memphis..

iphone pics 795

First Potty Break 🙂

Loved this jeeps motto:

iphone pics 797

Gorgeous day

iphone pics 808

Coming into Tennessee!!

PicMonkey Collage

Went & got a hotel room in Memphis then went to Beale Street to explore!

iphone pics 835

Our view from our room !!! Memphis Tennessee

Exploring Beale Street:

iphone pics 830

iphone pics 843

iphone pics 826

Ate Dinner at Hard Rock

iphone pics 838

iphone pics 841 iphone pics 842 iphone pics 848

Jerry Lee Lewis Car

iphone pics 866

We went and watched a show at Jerry Lee Lewis. It was awesome!!

iphone pics 855

iphone pics 858


iphone pics 887


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Austin day 2 : concert day !! 

I have been waiting months for this concert !!! Willie’s 4th of July picnic !!! It was hotter than hell but def worth it !!! Here out a few pics !!! 

Austin 360 Amphitheatre 

Chris Stapleton sang with his wife !!! ❤️ his music 

Kk & Luke & sav … Sooo many people told me they loved my shirt !!! My outfit was on point !! Even though I had been stressing about it. 

  Kacey musgraves : 


Getting hot at the concert !!! Staying hydrated lol 

Willie & Merle !!! 

My favorite of the night ERIC CHURCH 

Fireworks 🙂 

End of the night picture : all the makeup may be gone but the memories will last forever !!!! 


Austin Trip DAY 1 

Woke up got ready and met the Pyle’s in Davis … Luke took over the driving 🙂  

I took full advantage and Got comfy in the backseat !!!! First stop was BEER heaven in Dallas . For those of you who don’t know Luke , he has a beer wall and he is almost to 2,000!!! He was like a kid in a candy store !!

I missed his excited face but u get the point !!! 

Here was the total damage : 

.. Next stop some random place dear old Sav had found !! Magnolias !!! I didn’t get any pics here because I was being ran over by 50 people .. Next stop food !!! ( I am currently in a diet and trying to be good. Also I have celiac so can’t have gluten ) well apparently that went out the window !!! Thank god for stomach pills 🙂 !!! I had my first In & Out Burger !!! Very yummy !!! 



 Me & Sav being goofballs 

Next stop hotel & hotel pool 


 Had to do SLO-MO

Then we got ready and went down to Congress Ave & 6th street !! 

We ate at a taco place the wait was forever but it was very good once we ate. I didn’t get any food pics I leave that up to sav lol… 

We also checked out uncommon goods !!! Savvy ‘s find … Here out some pics from there 






6th street 


  Day 2 : concert !!!! Coming soon 🙂 thanks for reading 🙂