The Proposal 

2-13-17…. Was a day like any other . I was very excited for our first Valentines  day together. I couldnt wait any longer that evening. I gave him his tackle box full of goodies… He got several pairs of underwear that he liked, new fossil watch and some personal hygiene shaving products.. here is a pic of it all together 

Then I told him that he could wait to give me mine if he wanted too. Laying in bed watching tv i decided to call my mom to.see if her phone was working. She answered and the first thing that she said was , ” Dalton called me today.” I knew right then that he had called and asked for her blessing. Little did she know she ruined the surprise 😑. I get off the phone its pitch black in our room. I ask him if I could please have my vday present now. He fumbles around with something then opens the ring box. Says well will you marry me. I said yes. Mind you its still so dark I cant see anything. He gets out the ring and i flipped the light on lol. Gorgeous ring and even better man making me a forever promise. Here are a few pics from that night 😍😍😍. 


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