This time of year is very reflective time for me. Its like a new year feels like a new slate.  Things are learned by reflecting and learning from your past experiences. Some years I was so ready for the next year just so I can “start” over and forget about all the bad from that year. This year was full of firsts for me. For once I would gladly live this year over and over. But that’s not to say that I am not excited about 2018.  So much happened this year I might have to break this up to two blog posts.


Engaged 2/13/17

Alan Jackson ūüíü

Tom Petty 4/20/17

Our wedding date ūüíü

Ou Softball Game 

Kk Hawaiian bday party 

4th of July Fun. The Pyles,celebrated with us in Stonewall 

Wedding Shower in Mcalester ūüíü

Love these peeps 

Summer fun @ the Brogdons 

Garth & Trisha ūüíü

Won free tickets to Sammy Kershaw 

Cont: on part 2 

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