Friday Five

1. Bow Season 


3. Smalltown Stonewall, Oklahoma 

4. In the woods

5. Rustic 


Friday Five 《11-10》

1. Deer Season & Fall 

2. Make a wish ❤

3. Cleaning the gun. 

4. Take a backroad. 

5. Sunset on CR 3620

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone! I love to dress up & love this holiday. This year we arent doing anything but thought it would be fun to post some old pictures of costumes.. ENJOY!!

Cowboy Day ❤ Back in HS

Little Red Riding Hood ❤

Hippy ✌🏼

Atlanta Braves Baseball Player

Wynona Judd 

Puss & Boots 


Saloon Girl 

80’s party 

Week of dressing up at the old job!

Me & Babyfaced Hubby ❤