Living for the Weekends

We dont get out and do much : Lets face it we are homebodies.. But we decided just to get away just for Saturday & Sunday. So we got up early on Saturday and headed to the Sandbass festival in Madill. 

On our way out : 

Ok so the festival was not that great. The carnival wasnt up and going at the time we went. There were vendors set up but nothing to brag about. And dang those stupid figet spinners were everywhere.

Left after an hour headed to Durant to shop and run around. 

Lake Texoma 🙂 

Ate an early dinner at Romas 🙂 Kid tested Dalton approved 

After shopping & dinner went back to our room and got in the pool & hot tub. So relaxing 🙂 Just love spending time with this man. 

Oh and we got 2 new beach towels for 11.00 thanks rue21 🙂 

After our pool time we took a shower then had a late night Walmart trip. Just the little things I cherish doing with him.

Okay so then we were checking out and Dalton was checking out the energy drinks and im dying of thirst go to grab a coke. Pulled one out that said Reynolds. OMG that was my great grandmas last name that has passed away that I miss so much. All of the other cokes had first names on them like john or charles etc… I just knew she was there with us 😍😍

Anyways had such a great time with Dalton. Love our weekends together. 

King bed for the win ✔✔✔

Loved, Thankful, Blessed 💙💙💙💙

Thanksgiving Photo Shoot 🦃❤️

Tried out the tripod & timer on my camera .. Thought I would share a few pictures from our shoot … 

Something about an old barn that always draws me in … 

I’d go anywhere with you …. 

Me and Dalton out of breathe from running back after setting the camera timer. But it was all worth it to have something to remember our first Thanksgiving… 

Thomas Rhett : Die a Happy Man 

Fallness 🍂🍂

4 -wheeler riding … He gets so mad because I won’t hold on ❤️️.