Pet my Peeves: 

Warning I have already taken my ambien for the evening and just feel like shooting it straight lol. I used to not have so many pet peeves but the older I get the more people drive me nuts. Ill just do 4 top ones for this evening before I go comatose. 

1. Facebook status posting about how sick you are……. WTF if you were that sick you wouldnt be on your phone. Your head or ass would be in a toilet somewhere. Sorry sister no sympathy from me. ✔ unfollow 

2. LOUD people in quiet places. Get your damn ears checked noome wants to hear your entire lunch order from across the room.  Put the megaphone down & step away. 🚫Block 

3.  People of walmart be damned. Its like a circus in there. The last time I went two teenage boys was racing on the motorized scooters. A couple was throwing a softball up and down the aisle. Then comes around the corner food stamp queen with 6 kids dirty and rolling all over the floor. REALLY cant I just get some necessities & get out. ☠☢☡

4. Rude Customer Service People. Um excuse,me I didnt pick your job and I dont need your attitude. Im sorry you have to deal with the public they suck I know. But I am always kind and respectful and expect the same…. 

And so I leave you with this: You have to laugh to keep from crying…. 

MCM 2/15/16

Today we are going to go over the importance of your online dating profile picture background !!! Here are a few that I found recently ……………………………………………………….,,…………….,.,,,,,,,:,,::;:::

I love the way he used editing to spruce up his picture ! It really brings a gangster effect to the image. Nothing says gangster like nerd life tattoos . #cringeworthy   
2. I really think the neon green filter goes well with his personality. I do love the mismatch patch on the wall behind him. #indecisive 

3. I love the wall dressings . Very rustic & unfinished . I love the picture album hanging from the bed . Very snazzy why didn’t I think of that !! #rustyrustic

4 #1 your peace sign is weak . #2 Ariel hat at the dollar store pedophile #wannabe 

5. Yes I saved the best for last !! This guy knows how to draw the ladies in. You are welcome 



Every Monday I am going to sign on to my dreaded Online dating profile that I keep deleting & downloading again. I will share 5 pictures & I will name 3 things I can tell by the picture !!! MCM round #1 

1.  Mr. overcompensation 


  • He likes wrestling. 
  • He calls his little guy Hulk 
  • He works maybe at Walmart 

2.  Mr. Flashy 


  • Loves going to Japenese Brothels 
  • Has a nickname regarding gold chains
  • Loves the music & Chapstick

3.  Mr.Organic 


  • Loves the smell of seaweed and longs walks to the hair salon. 
  • Gets asked all the time if he likes females or males. 
  • Hates to smile but loves fish. 

4. Grrr Grizzle Bear 


  • His hero is Fred flintstone 
  • He grew this beard overnight. 
  • He’s trying not to act like he is taking a selfie 

5. 33 no way  

  • Wins at everything life & loves Barbie dolls. 
  • That computer in the background is still on dial up. 
  • Fly guy but lives with a hoarder . 

All in good fun ! Some people can find love online I am not one of those people !!! Until next Monday