The Proposal 

2-13-17…. Was a day like any other . I was very excited for our first Valentines  day together. I couldnt wait any longer that evening. I gave him his tackle box full of goodies… He got several pairs of underwear that he liked, new fossil watch and some personal hygiene shaving products.. here is a pic of it all together 

Then I told him that he could wait to give me mine if he wanted too. Laying in bed watching tv i decided to call my mom to.see if her phone was working. She answered and the first thing that she said was , ” Dalton called me today.” I knew right then that he had called and asked for her blessing. Little did she know she ruined the surprise 😑. I get off the phone its pitch black in our room. I ask him if I could please have my vday present now. He fumbles around with something then opens the ring box. Says well will you marry me. I said yes. Mind you its still so dark I cant see anything. He gets out the ring and i flipped the light on lol. Gorgeous ring and even better man making me a forever promise. Here are a few pics from that night 😍😍😍. 

Bachelor update 1/30/17

Many of you watch the Bachelor. As I might admit this season isn’t my favorite I still watch the trashy television show. Last night episode was legit. Corrine VS Taylor.

As much As I didn’t like Corrine at the first she has quickly become one of my favorites.I find it hilarious that she was labeled as the villain when she was the only one that didn’t talk behind anyones back. Taylor is ridiculous and entitled.  Taylor has some bad juju coming to her. On the other hand who is everyone’s favorite????

I love Vanessa & Raven 🙂

My Best Friends Baby ❤️

Growing up as an only child I always knew that I wouldn’t have any neices or nephews. Fast forward to 2007 when I moved in with my best friend. Then I didn’t know how close we would become but Savannah has been my saving grace . Roommates for 6 years she became my family . Her family became my family . So many laughs And a few tears over the years but we got through it together .  I stood by her side when she married Her husband and I am so happy I got to be there to meet Mr.Oliver FoX Pyle. Most people would say oh well you “really” aren’t the babies aunt . I beg to differ , Savannah is my sister in every sense of the word . I love that baby as he were my blood relative . Blessed is the only word I can come up with . I love you sis and you did great yesterday . Here are a few pictures from 12/9/2016.  Introducing Oliver ❤️

Forever & Always Sisters ❤️️❤️️

Oliver Fox or Violet Sage ???? The wait was killer.

Just the waiting game … 


The nurse showed us this pic . Still not knowing if it was Oliver or violet but so in love with those cheeks 😍😍😍

Mr. Oliver Fox Pyle ❤️❤️

Absolutely in love… The end… 

Thanksgiving Photo Shoot 🦃❤️

Tried out the tripod & timer on my camera .. Thought I would share a few pictures from our shoot … 

Something about an old barn that always draws me in … 

I’d go anywhere with you …. 

Me and Dalton out of breathe from running back after setting the camera timer. But it was all worth it to have something to remember our first Thanksgiving… 

Thomas Rhett : Die a Happy Man 

Fallness 🍂🍂

4 -wheeler riding … He gets so mad because I won’t hold on ❤️️. 

Movie Review :Allied 

I fell in love with this movie. I seen the trailers for months before finally getting to watch it .  I am a big fan of thriller movies.  I hate knowing or predicting what is going to happen next. This movie had it all killer plot twists, passionate acting & amazing wardrobe ❤️. The photo above was my favorite dress that she wore in the movie. I will not write about the story because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone wanting too see it… Ps Go see it , Its amazing !!  5 stars from me … Brad Pitt is still just as delicious as ever . Highly recommend this film !!  Let me know how you like it ❤️❤️

Someday :today 

My friends always said,oh Kane you will find someone don’t worry .  Years went by and a dozen friends weddings turned into baby showers .  I felt like my life was passing me by and I had come content with that . Until 5-14-15 , I went on a blind date and my whole life changed . The butterflies were there and I had met the man I would someday marry . It’s always someday . But now meeting the man that has such great qualities that and treats me so well made my life make since. I don’t know what I did to deserve a love like this but I promise I will never take it for granted . He makes me feel beautiful and loved every day . I’m so blessed for this amazing man in my life 

Walk a mile in my shoes… 

What autoimmune disorder means to me . The first word that comes to mind is pain. The most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt . Imagine every food you consume attacks your body . The only thing that stops the pain is sleep . 

The second thought is no cure . Never ending . No answers. Lifelong.  Countless surgeries , countess medicines , countless appointments . Hearing let’s try this for a while . 

Next is the judgement .  I am blessed with friends an family that understand my illness .  But I know that some people that I encounter judge and do not understand .  Canceled plans become more normal than one would like.  I’m grateful for understanding friends and a considerate boyfriend .  

Be kind for you do not know the battle that person is fighting . 

On my mind… 

To the overly sensitive person who tries their best but somehow gets knocked down.  I am with you ! I try my hardest to not take things in my life personal but somehow it never works.  I have tried to confront that issue for basically my whole life.  Perfection is not reality but I try to be a better person than I was the day before.  Kindness & Compassion is almost non-existent in 2016.   People always say just do you don’t worry about everyone else. I guess I struggle with that because I want to believe people try their best.  I wouldn’t call myself an optimist more so a realist. Self reflection is key for me . I am hard on myself. I try my hardest not to be.  Life is a journey and I hope that I can master the skill of being thick skinned . Until then pass the Kleenex & chocolate.  

Signed : Kk 

Blessing not a Curse

I have always loved celebrating birthdays. Everyone always says Oh , it’s just another year! Don’t remind me !! To me it’s a blessing to see another year. Today is my mothers birthday & I couldn’t even imagine what one less year would do to me. I hope I get a 50 more years with my best friend. She taught me compassion & to laugh to keep from crying. Shes the best person I know. I love you momma & I’m so glad it’s our mine & Nash taters ❤️❤️❤️ 


MCM 2/15/16

Today we are going to go over the importance of your online dating profile picture background !!! Here are a few that I found recently ……………………………………………………….,,…………….,.,,,,,,,:,,::;:::

I love the way he used editing to spruce up his picture ! It really brings a gangster effect to the image. Nothing says gangster like nerd life tattoos . #cringeworthy   
2. I really think the neon green filter goes well with his personality. I do love the mismatch patch on the wall behind him. #indecisive 

3. I love the wall dressings . Very rustic & unfinished . I love the picture album hanging from the bed . Very snazzy why didn’t I think of that !! #rustyrustic

4 #1 your peace sign is weak . #2 Ariel hat at the dollar store pedophile #wannabe 

5. Yes I saved the best for last !! This guy knows how to draw the ladies in. You are welcome