Weekend Round-Up…

Whats a blog without a random post….Weekends are always my favorite. Didn’t do a whole lot of anything this weekend but thought I would post about it. ūüôā Watched a few movies.. Yes I said a few… Did a photo shoot with one of my dearest friends and her beautiful daughters…. Hung out with the fiancee. Now watching the Emmy’s listening to rain on our tin roof… Here are my random thoughts…


We went with Dalton’s parents to watch this movie this weekend. Let me tell you I always tend to go toward movies that can happen in real life. This movie kept my attention the entire time.( Didn’t get on my phone once). It has the 3 m’s I require in a movie. Murder, Mystery & Men.. 5 stars from me….


One word for this movie: Pointless. The plot was never explained and then it just ended. Do not waste your time on this one. 0 stars…..


Our friends recommended this movie to us. It was hilarious!! And it is not just a chick flick Dalton liked it too. Such a funny movie watch it!


Watching the Emmy’s and I am so in LOVE with Jessica Biel’s dress.

Here are a couple of pictures from my photo shoot this weekend.


Reese Waldrop …Love her little expressions


My longtime friend Kendra. She is a supermom and mom to 3 little girls; the third due this December. Is she not gorgeous….

My friend Sydnee had her bachelorette this weekend. Although I didnt get to go I know she had a blast and enjoyed all pictures. Her wedding date is Sept 30th and Mine is Oct 7th……

That is life., Random AF.. Thank you for reading…



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