Insta love ❤️❤️

{Day1: Instagram Photos} 

I picked 20 of my favorites 🙂 here they are in no particular order!!! 

Pic1: Reese Waldrop bath time 🙂 

Pic2 : My favorite place in Colorado . A little waterfall we found 

Pic3: Playing at the park with my baby cousins 👭❤️

Pic4: Rare occasion all of us got together & have dinner ❤️ 

Pic 5: St pattys day in philly …

Pic6: London & Avery Brooks ❤️❤️

Pic7: 3 friends on one last dirt road before we all moved 🚙💨👱🏻👭

Pic8: Went along with some friends to welcome their friend home from Afghanistan. Little did I know I would be leaving with a lifelong friend ❤️

Pic9: Savannah & me at Luke’s bday party!!! We should have six packs from all the belly laughs we have !! 

Pic10 & 11: 7/11/15 the day Mr.Kasyn Dale Brooks arrived ❤️ ok I have 2 for that day 🙂 

Pic 12: Savvy & Lukes wedding .. 

Pic 13: Snookie & a Scarecrow walk into a party …. Halloween 👭

Pic14: Nap time with KDB

Pic 15: Thanksgiving in Louisanna 

Pic 16: Random photo of Kristins & myself converse. Love the natural light . 

Pic 17: Reconnected with a friend that God knew I needed back in my life . Started back like we never lost touch . Very thankful . 

Pic 18: Kasyn Dale coming to stay the night 🙂 

Pic 19: Such a fun night with awesome friends 

Pic 20: Fourth of July ATX willie Nelsons  picnic 



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